What You Need To Know About LED TVs

Published On September 17, 2018 | By admin | Technology

A large number of huge TV manufacturers are pushing LED TVs as the most recent and most prominent flat-screen TVs. But just exactly what are LED TVs and whatshould you know before purchasing one?

Edge-lit TVs are really thin, but uniformity suffer

The key advantage to an edge-lit LED-backlighting system is that manufacturers can make thinner TVs. However, the drawback is that the backlighting is not exactly as uniform. With edge-lit displays, you may notice that the external edges of the screen appear brighter and splendid. Also, when you set up an all-black image, the edges of the screen will seem lighter.

LED backlighting does not improve LCD’s poor off-angle viewing

Unlike plasma TVs, one of the big drawbacks to LCD TVs is that the picture degrades when you are sitting off to the side. What’s more, the same is experienced when the TV is placed too high or low, based on your eye level. LED backlighting does not change any of this and in some cases, may really exacerbate the situation. The VuBrands, for instance, currently offers among the best black levels of any LCD available in the market.

There for as long as you are sitting in the perfect spot, with the middle of the screen between your eyes, you will have a great view. Move a couple of feet to the left or right and you will notice that the picture does not look as good. Why is this so apparent? Well, the problem is that you’re starting with such a good picture, so you willsee the distinction when you move to the side or stand up and look down at the TV. With a TV picture that does not look as great in the first place, the distinction will not look as obvious when you move off axis.

LED TVs are not something new

I appreciate a decent marketing ploy the may be put across buy the salesmen. However, LED TV is just an LCD TV that is backlit with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of standard cold-cathode fluorescent lights (or CCFLs). Unlike plasma and OLED, LCD is a trans-missive technology where each pixel has to be illuminated from behind, or backlit.

LED equals higher price tag

While we are on the topic of expensive, LED-powered LCD TVs cost more than non-LED models. The abundance of LED models this year has improved selection, especially among smaller screen sizes. Nonetheless, the cost premium for LED is typically at least $400. On the other hand, there are affordable TV series with relatively low LED TV price.

LED backlighting is never better

Though it is true that manufacturers backlighting systems will continue to improve with time, we have heard from industry insiders that the real progressions will be in edge-lit technology. Engineers are attempting to enhance edge-litbacklighting to the point that it equals or even outperforms full-array LED backlighting.


You now know the various things you need to know about LED TVs. Just feel free to get one and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

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