What else to look at other than the second car features when buying one?

Published On April 2, 2017 | By admin | Technology

When people buy a second hand car, they tend to concentrate only on the features of the car like the variant of the car and other technical details. Some people don’t really concentrate on the other parts of the buying. When you are buying a used car bazar bangalore, you should concentrate on other things like the ownership, loan offers, etc. Here are a few things you should be aware of when buying a second hand car:

Ownership transfer

When you are buying a used car, the ownership transfer becomes one of the most important things. The car should be on your name after you have paid completely to the other person. You can do it by your own by downloading forms from the government website or outsource it. There are many websites which provides assistance when you buy from their website. So, you can opt for the same.


Make sure you have the insurance on your name when you buy a second hand car. Getting the ownership doesn’t mean that the insurance will be under your name. You have to get the insurance policy under your name in case of which you would need to fill a different form altogether. In case the owner didn’t had insurance, you can freshly apply for the insurance policy on your name

No Claim Bonus

The bonus is given to the person rather than the vehicle. No claim bonus can’t be transferred. So, in case you have some previous NCB, you can use it. If not, it is recommended that you buy a fresh new NCB policy under your name.

Loan offers

There are many listing websites which provides great offers if you take a loan for second hand cars. You must check for the same before making a purchase.

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