Taking Good Care of Your Glass Bong

Published On June 28, 2017 | By admin | Technology

When you get a sweet glass trap tube beaker bong, you are filled with pride. That makes it all the more devastating when something awful happens and your bong gets broken. You need to take proper care of your bong to prolong its lifespan and avoid having it end up shattered. If you have just picked up a beautiful new glass bong, use the following guide to take care of it and keep it safe.

1. Keep It Clean

The first step of proper bong care is making sure you always keep it clean. No one wants to smoke out of a brown, nasty-looking bong. There is no sense in paying a premium for a beautiful smoking device to smoke your tasty buds if you are not going to keep it looking beautiful. Change your bong water every session. At least once a week, you should give your bong a thorough cleaning.

There are many commercial products you can use to clean your bong, but perhaps the best thing to do is just put some isopropyl alcohol together with some salt. This simple combination is arguably the best method of getting your dirty bong to sparkle like it’s brand-new. You will be amazed at how even the dirtiest bongs can be cleaned with this magical solution.

2. Keep It Safe

Some people say it is only a matter of time until you break a glass bong, but that is just plain nonsense. Glass heirlooms have been handed down in families for generations, and there is no reason a gorgeous glass bong cannot be the same kind of durable family heirloom that is passed down the line. The key to ensuring a bong lasts a lifetime is to protect it well.

Whenever your bong is not in use, it should always be within a protective hardshell case. As soon as you get done with a smoking session, clean your bong, empty it of water and place it inside its protective case. This will ensure that it never gets tipped over. Always use your bong with caution on a firm surface so that you do not accidentally knock it over.

3. Use Filtered Water

If you use tap water in your bong, it is possible that it will build up unsightly mineral deposits over time. While you can clean them, it is better to avoid them in the first place by filling your bong with filtered water. Not only will this prevent mineral deposits, but filtered water also ensures you get the best-tasting hits from your bong.

When you utilize the three tips above, you will ensure that you enjoy your bong for many years to come. As anyone who has bought a nice glass bong lately will tell you, these beautiful works of art are a significant investment. Make sure you keep your bong safe by always taking proper care of it. Keep it clean and safe, and your bong will provide you with a lifetime of smoking enjoyment.

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