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Stanhope Seta are leading designers, manufacturers and providers of particle counting machines and laser particle counters which can be used and have proven to be highly beneficial in a range of industries including but not limited to fuels, lubricants, air, pharmaceuticals, hydraulic fluids, water, power generation equipment and manufactured parts. Want to know more about these machines and how they help people? We advise that you continue to read this post…

What is particle counting?

Particle counting is used within a range of industries by many companies to determine the ‘quality’ of samples. Size, number and distributions are all things in which can help determine the cleanliness and suitability of samples for their intended applications.

Companies monitor particles for numerous reasons. Monitoring particles in this way can assist in saving both time and money for example as it reduces equipment downtime. Hard particles can break machines, they are known to become embedded into the surfaces of moving particles and thus cause abnormal machinery wear.

Another use of particle counting is to assess fuel cleanliness.

Laser particle counting

Laser particle counting is on the up – the preferred test for sample cleanliness for many.

What is laser particle counting?

Laser particle counting, sometimes referred to as laser obscuration particle counting uses the light emitted by a laser to illuminate cells through which samples are passed. Particles present in these samples cast shadows onto the sensor behind the cell and as the shadow passes across the cell the voltage output of a sensor minimises. As you can see this is very beneficial.

Laser scatter particle counting is also used by many, using measurement cells similar to laser obscuration, apart from the in this scenario the sensor detects the light which is scattered by the surface and edge of a particle. This technique is often used for measuring the particles in air and the droplet size of aerosols.

The best machine for you

Stanhope Seta offers a whole range of particle counting machinery, all of the highest possible quality and available le to you at the most competitive prices, with options suitable for such a wide range of uses and application that they are bound to be able to assist you.

To view all of their machinery options and decide which is best for you, do not hesitate to visit their website today – where you will no doubt be able to find everything that you’re looking for.  You can also visit the websites of Stanhope Seta’s leading representatives such as Mindex for further information and to get your questions answered.

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