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Published On June 21, 2018 | By admin | Technology

The future of business is only getting brighter and bigger. There are many facets to owning and operating a business. You have your employees, the paperwork, the customers, and your marketing strategy. The key focus in today’s market is how do I get my idea and product out to customers on the market. The newest answer to that is cloud based marketing. 

In the past business owners relied on word of mouth, radio, with the advent of tv we had commercials, and now we are in to the digital age. We are now on many devices at once spending more time using these for pleasure and business. We are entering an age now where we want more ROI (return on investment) and this is where cloud-based marketing excels. If you went over to the Salesforce website, you will find out how they are leading the charge with this. 

They offer the automated marketing cloud-based idea that expands on what a learning platform can do for your business. The key point is to have as much automated in your marketing as possible, so you can have time to reach out to new clients and grow. The cloud base application does away with the need to go through and try to keep up with emails, if you need to personalize it the flexibility is there. The cloud marketing can incorporate social media campaigns for products as well making it more streamlined approach to marketing. 
As a business owner you must test everything, however, with this type of automation it can show you by gathering data what is working and what isn’t in real time. There are just a few key features that make up what this type of application can do for your business. The future is going to be cloud based technologies the more we grow the more we want to alleviate our carbon footprint. Using these types of platforms help with that dilemma. 

Once you have built a website you can even integrate this marketing idea, with the application knowing what products to place on your site, what customers by data gathering is interacting more with products or advertisements. These are all key analytics a business needs to know where to grow at and where to pull back at for their bottom line. There is in any marketing set up the funnel where we bring the customer to where we are selling our product, then we need to hold their attention, and bring them to the end of the funnel in hopes of making a sale or generating a lead. These types of applications automate and track that customers journey through the funnels phases letting you know in real time cloud-based analytics what that journey looked like. 

The success to any business is understanding that for it to grow an owner will need to harness the power of the digital age. The newest cloud-based technology will indeed be the avenue to smart business choices, faster understanding of market climates, and with the help of intelligent machines the sky is the limit to what we can achieve.

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