Kroger Preferred AvaLAN Wireless Over Others For EMV Connectivity Items

Published On October 18, 2017 | By admin | Technology

AvaLANis always known for its exclusive range of EMV connectivity products. There are so many impressive solutions available, which can make EMV products the best in town, especially for the fuel dispenser manufacturers and retailers. Kroger has been one of the impressive Cincinnati based company and recently chose AvaLAN for covering its 10,000 fuel dispenser with EMV upgraded items from this team. This company is set to use its unique form of wireless Ethernet solution with customized option, just to match specified needs of Kroger and create a perfect winning combination for the client. This isn’t a tough call especially with the experience AvaLAN has.

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Rigorous testing for better result:

The wireless system with EMV upgraded service has been associated with some extensive and rigorous form of network security and wireless penetration testing. It is mainly determined to be way more secured and reliable if you compare it with any other forms of connectivity products in the market. On the other hand, AvaLAN Wireless has the ability to optimize the specified form of security features along with added security layer. The main aim over here is to prevent hacking of the said EMV PCI data for the clients. This is likely to act wonderfully for the client team for sure.

Planning before implementing:

Just to provide the absolute best result to the Kroger team, AvaLAN got in touch with its corporate technology team. Not only that, but it further got into a serious conversation with Dover Fueiling Solutions, just to learn and understand more about the application based requirements and develop a customized form of industrial wireless service, as demanded by the team. This wireless service comes handy with high speed service with 5 GHz data device. It comes handy with integrated form of managed Ethernet switch for matching the fuel dispenser needs of EMV.

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