Key economic benefits of hydroponic systems you should know

Published On November 15, 2017 | By admin | Technology

New-age farmers are increasingly integrating commercial hydroponics Systems to grow crops. Well, you may think that these systems are more cost-intensive. However, you should note, that hydroponic systems also have certain economic benefits, that you may not be able to detect apparently. Today, these systems are helping farmers to grow more crops in less time in a number of countries.

Have a look at the various economic benefits that comes with the incorporation of hydroponic systems.

Reduced cost of labour

Growing plants under led grow lights reduces the cost of labour. The system is automated and takes lesser human efforts in comparison to the traditional systems. From planting the plants to harvesting, a major part of the process is controlled by machines.

Reduced costs on water and nutrients

Plants growing in hydroponic systems need 90{7d9e5193c3686ff38ee55766efe34c2b141ffbafc9c74001a1b9db63108fa8ab} less water than plants growing in traditional conditions. Therefore, the nutritional requirement of the plants also undergoes a reduction. As a result, you need to spend around 30{7d9e5193c3686ff38ee55766efe34c2b141ffbafc9c74001a1b9db63108fa8ab} less on purchasing nutrients, which is a big saving when you grow crops under artificial environments.

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Increased productivity

 The volume of crops produced under hydroponic systems is around four times greater than traditional ones. As a result, farmers can grow more crops in less time. Considering the financial resources invested in setting up the infrastructure, hydroponic systems deliver greater returns to compensate the cost.

Enhances the quality of crops

An important point to be noted, the quality of crops determines its price. When you grow better grades of crops, you can reach out to high-end markets. Crops grown in hydroponic systems are much better in quality. Evidently, it adds value to the product and enables you to get higher returns on selling them.

 Besides, you can save huge financial resources as the process cuts down cost of shipping. People are aware of the health benefits of these of these crops, so you have a large market ready to purchase the products.

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