John Barksdale explains the role of marketing in business

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A business is dependent on marketing both directly as well as indirectly. Marketing is possibly the most vital activity in a business as it has a direct effect on sales and profitability. Larger businesses usually devote specific staff and departments for the reason of marketing. However, it is important to note that marketing cannot be done in seclusion from the business.

John Barksdale talks about the role that marketing plays in a business

In the present scenario, the role of marketing cannot be ignored in a business. Businesses irrespective of their size today are competing for the same market and the most inventive and practical have turned out to be winners. Thus, it can be said that the existence of the company is dependent upon the marketing efforts these days.

John Barksdale is the creative genius and visionary and the founder of iAM Marketing which is a global marketing and consulting company. John Barksdale is also a renowned mentor, motivational speaker, international businessman, published author, and marketing guru. He says that marketing is a vital process that can ensure the success of the small business. Marketing may include packaging and presenting products and services and researching about them to help the customers. He says that without marketing, the brands will not be known to others and the organizations would be motionless. The success of an organization is not only determined by the sensible application of funds to a variety of portfolios of investment but also by the association established with the customers.

  • The main function of marketing is to conduct research on the target audience. One should focus on the buying trends and find out products that can accomplish a current need.
  • Along with researching, marketing also involves packaging the product or service in such a way that it draws the attention of the buyers. When designing the logo and the packaging materials it is always better to design the same by keeping in mind the customer’s choice.
  • An added function of marketing is the shipping of goods. Once the products are here the business should have the options available to get them distributed to the customers. Find out the shipping and storage methods that are available with the company.
  • Quality control and risk assessment are another job of marketing. Risk assessment involves looking at the variables that could impact the sale of the product as well as the service. Quality control refers to finding out how the product can stand apart from the competitors.

Thus, it can be said that marketing plays a very significant role when it comes to making the business a success.

John Barksdale has expertise in direct sales, technology, marketing, and manufacturing. John’s business insight serves as his base for forecasting developments and offering his clientele with pioneering, yet realistic solutions by combining initial values of conventional corporate framework, online social media marketing and, the networking industry. Mr. Barksdale is a self-made man who is also known for his motivational seminars as well as conferences.

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