How to Make Your Brand Known on Social Networks: Instagram

Published On September 8, 2018 | By admin | Technology

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Traditionally, to earn money, you go to work every morning, usually five days a week, all for a well-defined monthly salary. But with the explosion of the Internet, the sources from which money can be earned have multiplied, especially with the birth of social networks. Yes, the Internet is now a real platform to make money.

Social Networks

Everyone knows what the Internet is, and the majority of the people know what social networks are. Sharing your memories and interacting with people from anywhere in the world is one thing, but using these social networks to earn a living is a whole new level. Have you thought about it? No doubt you have heard of some people who are making a fortune, but how are they doing?

Have a Site

Before building your website, you must first establish what it will contain! Are you going to sell something, if yes, what? It is useless to look too far, or worse, to try to copy someone else who has done it very well because your inclinations and tastes will differ!

This is the crux of the problem! Do you want to sell fitness equipment or business strategy advice? To determine what your merchant site will contain, trust yourself. Have faith in your knowledge in the areas where you excel. Trust your passions and your hobbies.


Instagram is a social network with more than 600 million users around the world. It is a social network based on the exchange of photos and videos. It also allows dialogue with other users around the world. On Instagram, you can open your online store. Most of what is sold on Instagram usually revolves around fashion and beauty. Getting started on this niche can work and earn you big as long as what you propose will be unique. To succeed more on this platform, you should:

  • Choose a unique name that appeals, seduces, but easy to memorize. Avoid many numbers, and names that are irrelevantly long, what you want is that your potential customers find you easily.
  • Introduce yourself by being polite, professional, while making a detailed description of your store, or services that you offer. If you sell items, take beautiful pictures, put them in value, without omitting to indicate the different means of payment.
  • The hashtags or “sharp words” are important as they will allow all your subscribers to react on a “related” topic.
  • Also, copy the link from your Instagram page to any other social platform you’re on. As on all social networks in general, the number of subscribers and likes on Instagram is essential. So, do not delay to link all your accounts, by interconnecting them
  • Try to convince other users to promote your products, for example, by advertising other users. Or, by giving gifts to local celebrities, without, of course, forgetting to publish the photo of the event. Interaction on your page is key to success because the more you get likes and followers, the more you are known. Posting contents on celebrities will help increase interactions and get more likes. You can pay to get likes on your posts, but before you pay for such a service, get free Instagram likes

Above all, do not hesitate to ask your customers and/or prospects, their opinion. By inspiring you, you will only improve!

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