Four Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping

Published On June 28, 2017 | By admin | Technology

For those of us who are in the vaping industry, we believe that the vaping has some health benefits to those who vape. We are not thrilled to see vaping discriminated in the public arena. This is according to the recent ruling by the FDA in favor of the local ordinances ad strict regulations that pop up that prompt me to action.

Before you land on this article, the chances are that you have been exposed to the lies before we expose the truth to you about vaping and e-cigarettes. Let’s look at the truths.

1. Vaping helps quit smoking

As the vaping industry continues to grow further, most of the mainstream publications are being forced to concede to the information that e-cigarettes help smokers quit effectively. For some time, we have been aware of these actions. According to a recent study in the industry, over 72 percent of former smokers used vaping as the most effective way to quit smoking. Current users, at baseline, had been using e-cigs to for over two months. The users also took 1120 puffs of vape a day with a small amount of nicotine. This is one of the successes the vaping industry is proud of.

2. The vapor produced by E-cigarettes is less harmful than the Regular Smoke

For an average person, they have heard at least two things about the vapor produced by e-cigarettes. It is either worse than the normal cigarette smoke or perfectly harmless. You have also heard that there are no enough studies into the smoke produced by vaping. A study conducted in Greece in 2012 states that electronic cigarettes are safer than the regular tobacco smoke due to the absence of different chemical combustion or chemical composition.

3. Many vapors use very little to no nicotine

While you can think this is crap, the sales figures never lie. In any business, the e-liquid that has little to no nicotine outsells the medium-to-high nicotine strengths by a ratio of two-to-one. It is also safer to say that the supply would not exist if the demand for little to no nicotine levels of e-liquids weren’t there. According to the Smoke Cartel, most people who quit smoking use little to no nicotine levels of e-juices when vaping. When users want to get out of smoking, they start by using the high nicotine levels as they progress downwards.

4. E-liquid Ingredients are not a mystery

There are only four ingredients that are used to make the e-juices. For this reason, none of them comes from the moon. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is the main base used in making e-juices. While it produces vapor, it doesn’t carry enough flavor. Propylene Glycol (PG) is the next ingredient. While it is thinner than the VG, it has a higher capability to carry flavor then VG. Flavoring can also be natural or artificial food-grade to make e-juices. The final ingredient is the pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. Manufacturers make their products available in variable nicotine strengths.

As we have seen above, vaping comes to us with many advantages contrary to what the “so-called” public guardians say.

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