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Published On June 21, 2018 | By admin | Technology

While internationally the stigma against chemical addiction has reduced and more and more people have started treating it as a disease, India is still to come to terms with alcohol consumption itself, which is weirdly regarded as a western influence. There is also the tendency to overlook very common reasons for people to become addicted- depression, stress, insecurities, a desire to match up to certain social expectations, and the like. Addiction among the poor is taken as a justification for their further abuse. Addiction is one of the worst problems to affect the country, more so certain ethnic groups and regions. For example, the border states of Punjab and those in the North-East of India are the worst affected, and this leads to further stereotyping of the victims. Women addicts have a harder time coping as they often face sexual harassment when they seek help. Rising unemployment is further complicating problems.

True, in the recent past, numerous rehabilitation centres have sprung up across the states, but most of them have failed to inspire trust due to reports of physical and mental abuse among the inmates. In such circumstances, the poor as usual are the worst hit and have the least access to proper treatment.

This is where crowdfunding platforms in India can come in to rescue those suffering from addiction. Addiction also drains victims economically. So crowdfunding might just be the thing for them. Reputable crowdfunding websites in India can help addicts at both a personal level and by forming support centres to help a large number of addicts.

One would be surprised at the extent of support such endeavours generally receive. While it is true that people don’t like talking about addiction, because the problem is rampant, a large number of people do relate to them and are ready to help out those suffering from it in a no-strings-attached way like crowdfunding.

To build a profile, you need to put out your story. For addicts, it is a bit tricky because they are often accused of bringing it on themselves. While building your profile, try to include a strong reason for becoming an addict without running away from the responsibility- be it a job cut or domestic violence. Whatever be it, let not your guilt make you look at that cause as something insignificant. Because it never is- understand that such causes are social evils which push millions of Indians towards addiction every year. Then stress on your desire to get better. That you are looking forward to making a better life for yourself and those around you. Remember that mere detox or rehabilitation is never enough for treating addiction. You also need to seek therapy to address those issues behind addiction and for that, you need money as well.

Seeking help is never easy, especially those arising out of mental sickness. But platforms like Crowdfunding India are helping to change that slowly, one case at a time. They are very easy and cheap platforms to use, and its support team will guide you through whatever problems you might be having.

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