Common Mistakes In Website Experience You Should Know

Published On May 15, 2018 | By admin | Technology

Website experience is critical for any business. It has a greater impact on failure or success than almost other factors. It doesn’t only affect the search engine rankings and traffic, but ease of use and conversions as well.

Let us take a look at some of the common mistakes in website experience and see what you can learn.

  1. Unorganized layout of the content

The content of a website is responsible for driving traffic. Thus, how you structure the content will determine its failure or success. Don’t just put a chunk of text on your web page, and never overlook headings, subheadings, paragraphs, keywords, bullets, etc. Use a proper page title for every web page so that users determine where they are.

If you need help in developing the right layout for your healthcare site’s content and improve its effectiveness to encourage patients, you should get the best professional healthcare online marketing from Online Marketing For Doctors to convey a strong and convincing message. With this service, your patients will better understand your practice philosophy.

  1. Not keeping an updated website

While the digital age has provided incredible new Personal Contract Hire technological developments, it had exposed cyber security threats as well. This is why businesses need to fully update their plug-ins and themes on a consistent basis to make sure all potential entry points are fully secured on the domain.

  1. Poor navigation

Navigation in your site must be seamless. Visitors should find their way around in an easy manner. While there’s no standard yet given for navigation in a website, it is important to know that navigation should be consistent and intuitive.

  1. Surly screen rotation

When someone visits your site, do you require him to scroll horizontally? Well, pay attention to this because it is a big NO in our modern web design. Make sure to create a website that can fit on most sizes of the screen.

  1. Poorly optimized and broken pages

There is nothing as good as clicking a link only to see a “Page Not Found” words written onto. In some cases, the page might still exist but not properly displayed either because of a damaged plugin or a site conflict. You can make use of the tools available in detecting and addressing these issues.

  1. Dodgy use of animations or images

It is advised to limit the use of images on your web page if you don’t want your visitors to turn their back on you. Yes, images are effective for getting the attention of users, but they can also be irritating or a distraction.

  1. Page titles with low visibility of search engine

Search is considered as the most vital way a user finds out websites. Create a humble page title to drive in new audience from search listings. This will also help your current users to find the particular pages they need.

  1. Overlooking the use of responsive design and E-commerce SEO

Large percentage of people these days is conducting modern searches through tablets and smart phones. Thus, you may consider creating a responsive website and using E-commerce SEO as it offers numerous advantages to both the patient and owners.

No matter how small or big your health care firm, understanding E-commerce SEO and then applying it to your site can make a big difference between failure and success. When you say E-commerce SEO, it’s similar to SEO tailored to optimize web pages.

Techniques and strategies for internal and external link building and keyword usage are essential for your E-commerce site. Therefore, it would be a good decision if you’ll hire good dental web marketing from Online Marketing For Doctors to maximize your site’s potential.


There is no best time to look into your web strategy than presently. A professional online presence is an essential requirement to gain new clients, build credibility, and strengthen customer relationship.

If you think you are not generating the result you desired, you may be using one of these common mistakes in website experience. Take immediate steps to prevent them from hurting the overall engagement of your site.

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