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Published On June 20, 2017 | By admin | Technology

Archiving software is mostly necessary for moving the old files to secondary online storage. In this case, Archiver.FS is a simple solution to your problem. You can feature NTFS from the beginning till the end with no proprietary storage and no agents.

Archiver.FS is an inexpensive and simple solution to move your old files into the storage. It is far better than the other archiving solution as it does not create a pseudo-document of the management system.

If you have an extra SAN/NAS storage to store your old files or if you create a file lifecycle solution but you don’t have anywhere to move your old files to or if you are in search for a solution to move all your old files to the cloud storage than Archiver.FS is the perfectly right kind of product for you. It enables you to archive files from UNC to any UNC path including their age, size and type. You can even target VM, NAS device, CIFS share, iSCSI volume or even cloud storage on Amazon AWS, Azure OR Google Cloud. You can find Archiver.FS page over at the MLtek website.

While archiving the files and folders various types of shortcuts and stubs can be left behind like links of the original file. You can use traditional Windows shortcuts in addition both folder and file level shortcuts. It helps you to increase the compatibility.

It supports the installation of all the versions of Windows from 2003. You need the.Net Framework 4.0 and SQLexpress 2008 R2.

Archiver.FS integrates very well with NTFS compression. The reporting engines don’t take Archiver.FS has a burden. Working at file system level it enables to integrate with any solutions like Microsoft Search Server, DFS, De-Duplication, etc.

It gets your work done at very fast rate and is highly reliable. It is also cheaper at the same time.

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