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If you are planning a camping trip, the prime thing to be noted is whether we are carrying a sleeping bag with us. The most important of all camping gear-kit is the sleeping bag which is a necessary kit to avoid crucial situations and to keep your body warm. Are you a weight-conscious person? Then, choose a light-weight and best sleeping bag that makes your good night’s sleep very comfortable. In this article, let us discuss the prominent features of Docooler Sleeping Bag in detail.

How to select a sleeping bag?

The types of sleeping bag fall under three different categories. They are summer, winter, and Three-Season.

Summer Bags – This is generally light-weighted and it suits for temperature 30 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Winter Bags – This bags suit the climatic conditions of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit and below, which is a little bit bulky.

Three-Season Bags – If you are going on for a summer trip, users can choose this bag. This suits under the climatic conditions of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

All the sleeping bags are designed by meeting minimum temperature that the bag can able to handle. There are no standards to determine the temperature ratings for the sleeping bag so far. The sleeping bags are rated according to its air temperature, whether the air is higher, or lower or of comfort limit. This determines the temperature rating, the bag can handle.

Features of Docooler sleeping bag

  • Docooler Sleeping Bags are of a water-resistant type which is very convenient to be used by the users.
  • This sleeping bag is very compact, light-weighted, and portable to use.
  • Made up of crease-proof fabric, which can be used as a double sleeping bed when two Docooler sleeping bags are used combined.
  • It is designed with double-sided zipper and allows this bag to get minimizes when it is compressed.
  • When unfolding this bag, it can be used as a blanket.


  • This Sleeping Bag best suits under summer condition and the capability of compressing attracts users to buy this bag.
  • This bag makes the users to feel warm when used for camping and it makes users to feel comfortable.
  • It comes at an affordable price which is worth for money.


  • This doesn’t make the user feel comfortable at about 15-degree Celsius.


For a happy hiking trip, a proper sleeping bag is one of the important things to get packed with. Choosing a perfect sleeping bag is one of the important tasks because it provides a person to feel comfortable, warm, and also provides good shelter. Docooler bag is one of the best sleeping bags for the users which covers all scenario’s that best fits the user to have a comfortable good night’s sleep.

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