A Remote IT Network Is Essential for SME’s

Published On June 13, 2017 | By admin | Technology

Fact: A remote IT network is as vital as the computer system. It’s mission critical.

We all know that the online capabilities of a business and its constant availability are integral to operations and success. To lose your IT is to considerably hamper business. To that end, when looking at IT support and networks there should always be a remote solution that means activities can continue professionally, calmly and comprehensively.

This isn’t just for large companies. SME’s require a remote network so please don’t overlook the importance of implementing one.

Remote IT network support is delivered from an off-site location and it can be via the telephone, video conferencing or the consultant logging on to the network to assess and resolve issues.

Why remote IT support is a priority:

Issues cannot be scheduled.

In a perfect world, an IT issue would present itself at a convenient time, or never occur. However, as many of us know, issues often occur at the most unsuitable and counterproductive times.

Remote IT support gives access to advice, technical proficiency and effective solutions, day and night. Help is one phone call or text message away.

The alternative? Call a specialist in, who may or may not be able to visit site that day. Downtime is costly, can you really afford not to have remote IT network support?

Response times are quicker with a remote IT network solution provider.

Which is more time efficient? Sending an e-mail, phoning someone, chasing around the building looking for them or running down the road with a note? Online tools always represent the swiftest course of action.

IT support follows the same principle. Speed is imperative and as the focus is on online operations and solutions, problems are often resolved online within a pleasing timeframe.

Small businesses need this speed to maintain effectiveness.

Remote IT support offers flexibility.

Flexibility is a valuable commodity. Many of the remote IT support providers are sole contractors or small businesses with a broad client base. Rather than having an IT professional on the team just in case there is an issue, a remote service provider is called only if the issue occurs. So, no salary, no pension pot, just an invoice for remote IT support. Cost effective and fully conversant experts on tap. Wonderful for budget purposes.

If you need to seek professional and accurate advice from a leading IT support expert who specialises in small businesses remote IT networks, support and internal IT then someone like Bob Lewis-Basson from Thames Valley Business Advisors should be at the top of your list.

With an impressive career history of providing MIS, internal IT support and guidance, spearheading developments and initiating best practices, his knowledge and experience strengthen a business’ position and operational capacity. As a member of TVBA he is keen to assist SME business leaders with their remote IT network and support requirements.

Remote IT support is becoming normal practice for SME’s. Without it, you are operating at a considerable disadvantage.

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